Why Get A Home Inspection

The question probably should be, “Do you want to know or don’t you?” Whether you’re buying a home for the first time, are an experienced real estate investor or if you’re selling your home to move on to bigger or better things…ignorance is NOT bliss.

Thwhy-pice more information you have in what is usually the biggest transaction you’ll ever make is just being smart. It’s been said that knowledge is power. Knowledge of the true physical condition of the home you’re considering is true purchasing power.

If you’re selling your home, our home inspection will assist you in complying with the South Carolina Property Condition Disclosure Statement. It will also allow you to correct any problems, selecting methods, contractors and price of your choosing, rather than being pressured at the last minute when problems are discovered by the buyer’s inspector.

Our detailed, comprehensive Computerized Reports by HomeGauge Software, reflects the condition of the house as it actually is on the day of the inspection. If defects are discovered, the information is valuable when negotiating the purchase or sale of the house before sitting down at the closing table

Arming our clients with the facts of the actual condition of the home, unaffected by emotion is what 20/20 Home Inspection Services does. As an objective unbiased third party we are trained to see things as they really are.

Either way, knowing that the home that has been thoroughly investigated from foundation to roof by 20/20 Home Inspection Services, adhering to the highest, most ethical standards in the industry, using the latest in technology, you can be rest assured you have used

… our “Perfect Vision” to protect your investment