About Us

about-picWes Taber, the Owner/Inspector and founder, started 20/20 Home Inspection Services in 2003 with a vision. He saw the need for having the trained eyes of a professional home inspector as part of every real estate transaction.

Since then, Wes has completed over 4,000 inspections. Each inspection performed with the same methodical approach required to thoroughly evaluate all areas of the home. Besides his over 12 years of experience as a seasoned home inspector, Wes had a solid 20+ years in the construction industry and running his own business as a (former) General Contractor. Having a building background has proven to be an invaluable asset to Wes as a licensed Home Inspector.

20/20 Home Inspection Services will go the extra mile. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make sure the customer is satisfied. If it means working early or late and burning the midnight oil, we’re here to serve our clients. We happily invite questions and welcome the customer to the inspection.

Besides the careful examination of the home, the ability to deliver a detailed Inspection Report every time, is the key to satisfying so many clients over the years. 20/20 Home Inspection Services has been using HomeGauge inspection reporting software from the beginning. HomeGauge has become an industry leader and innovator in the inspection reporting world. The reports allow for a clear, easy-to-understand format with plenty of photos.

All home inspection reports are generated in the field on a tablet and uploaded to HomeGauge’s secure website. Password protected, clients have unlimited access to their Inspection Report for viewing, printing or sharing with other interested parties.

It’s the experience and know-how, combined with the latest in cutting edge technology, which allows 20/20 Home Inspection Services to…

Use our “Perfect Vision” to protect your investment.